Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ahhh the Christmas Card

While our Christmas card picutre this year was an obvious snapshot I thought it turned out pretty well...especially considering the pain and suffering of getting an acceptable shot. It took us over an hour of adjusting lighting, timing, crying and bribery to get this picture. Even Randall was getting upset toward the end, and as irony would have it the one we used was the second shot. But I thought you all would like to see some outtakes.

This is what you saw....

And this is what you didn't

Though this picutre is very dark and it is hard to see any people
you can't help but notice the "angry smile" and the death grip trying
to keep Addi's hands down.

This was one of our last ones and we were finally getting it right
if Addi could just keep her eyes open.

This is when it all falls apart.

Hope you enjoyed the little show
Merry Christmas!
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Meg said...

I actually think all of these are good or at very least, much better than the one that we sent out. I decided last minute to send one out and Chris and I had to scrounge our Iphoto to find a picture with all three of us in it. I think you guys look great. Cute fam.

Nicole said...

I'm simply thrilled that you are all smiling, and no one is crying! You look like a perfectly happy family, and you're cute, to boot.