Sunday, December 20, 2015

Family Photos

I made a poor sweet friend of a friend take these photos right before Thanksgiving dinner.
She was so nice to do it and I can only do these things because Randall and Addi, though they don't love getting their picture taken are very well trained at it.
It is pretty painless and only takes 2 minutes.
But oh how I miss Saydi and my sister!!!

We are really good at these pictures...maybe I should just forget about the other ones and display our true selves
Addi.  Ever ready for the shot.  A consummate professional.
A crack squad if I've ever seen one.


Randall's parents LOVE Disneyland.
In fact, they love it so much they decided to take the whole family on a Disney vacation!
We spend a full 5 days in the happiest place on earth and we really enjoyed ourselves.
I was able to take my second to last math test early so it was a nearly math-free week!  And as it was the week before Thanksgiving that was something I was truly thankful for.

We hung out mostly with Addi and her cousin Ashley.
They are the same age and they love each other so much! They don't get to spend nearly enough time together since we moved away.  They were inseparable, they had a sleepover in Grandma's room every night.

Addi and Ashley chatted in line about everything under the sun.
...books, animals, name it.

Here is the selfie that almost tore this family apart.
But seriously, these two lovelies don't always love to get their picture taken... but if they could just pretend for one shot to look happy and not like they were in pain then we wouldn't have to take 254 just to get one good one!
I'm totally over you can tell.
Oh man then there was this catastrophe (in my shallow and single-minded thoughts)
I thought, hey! why not do a family photo that we could possibly use for the Christmas Card.
We had a coupon for a free print at the photo spot at the end of Splash Mountain.
So one day when I had actually washed my hair I marched my little family to this spot, and guess what. No Photographer.  I asked around and they said the photographer should be there any time... well how many minutes are in an "anytime" when you are 10 waiting at the end of a really fun ride,  So I let Addi go on the ride with her cousins with strict instructions to sit in the back and to NOT GET WET! ...which, to be fair is unreasonable.
The photographer showed up sometime between the time she left and when she got off the ride completely soaked.
I am ashamed to say that I really almost lost it.
We had been waiting for that darn guy for almost an hour and now he was here and my child was soaked to the bone.
I tried to have her stand in the sun, to lay over a warm trash can to try and get that shirt dry-ish.
To no avail.
I finally just had her turn her shirt around backward and hope it didn't look to obvious.
Clearly, It did not work.
No Christmas card photo this time.
The character breakfast is really fun...I still can't eat mac and cheese for breakfast though...
Oh the classic Dumbo.
It breaks my heart a little to see how much she's grown up.


My version of Micky ears. Ha!
Randall and I had a mini-date while the girls went with Grandma.

...and because yes, we are 'those people' too cheap to buy the pictures you get a picture of the screen.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Wood who make amazing memories for their grandchildren.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


 Old tradition with new friends.
We went apple picking with our friends and it brought back so many memories of picking apples in my Grandpa's orchard and apple picking outings with my Boston friends. I love it.
 The leaves on Blue Ridge Mountain were just starting to put on their fall colors.

 We are so thankful for good friends.

Addi planned and planned for her Rosie the Riveter costume.
If anyone asked her, "Who is Rosie the Riveter" she would say:
"A symbol of women at work in WWII"
She also did extra push-ups outside her swim workouts to really get the full effect of the bicep.

This is my half-baked costume that I was going to wear to the ward party...I didn't get it finished and the day was crazy but you all get the benefit of the concept at least.


I know there are many of my friends whose children never imbibe in the diabolical television.  They are great and wonderful parents and it is quite possible that I am not.  I let Addi watch television (if she gets 5 seconds to relax between school, swim, piano practice and homework) and I will answer before my maker about it.  
Addi's favorite show is the Andy Griffith Show.  When we found out that Mount Airy, NC was Andy's hometown and the inspiration for Mayberry...I mean...we had to go.

 This was the actual courthouse but they made it look like it does in the show.
 Grape Nehi from Wally's Gas Station.
 Main Street.  

Randall in Otis' Cell...naturally.
Addi with her friends Andy and Opie.

Addi Wood 5th Grader

How did this happen?
5th Grade.
It's her last year of elementary school and I want it to last as long as possible.
I'm not ready to give her up to middle school...but I shall not borrow trouble.
I just try to cherish and appreciate every moment with this smart, compassionate, clever, courageous and faith-filled friendly girl.

Utah, USA

 I feel more completely myself when I am surrounded by my family. 
 Addi and I have been able to go to Utah for a visit twice since moving to NC and we are hoping Randall will join us next time.
We try to have a family reunion with all the brothers and sisters that can make it.  We were a little light on people this year.
 We started coordinating our reunion with  Alpine Days.  That way the city plans and puts together all the activities and we all go together and come home to my Mom's house for meals and rests together.  It works for us.
We're headed out to the rodeo...and in about an hour we will all be drenched from the torrential downpour that opened up right over the rodeo!
 Speaking of horses, my sister has a few and trains and teaches lessons.  Addi gets a few lessons whenever we go and she LOVES it!
 Resting in the shade with my sisters Ashley and Amy (yes, we all begin with A) while the kids are playing at the carnival.
 Alpine Days carnival.
 These gals love each other and stick together.  They are resting after a full day of inflatable toys and trampolines.
 We had a fireside devotional in conjunction with our family reunion.
We talk about our pioneer ancestors and their incredible stories.  As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate their stories even more.  I think it is so important to pass on these stories of faith and courage that our children might be inspired to emulate their faithful ancestors.

 I finally got to meet this cute baby! and she loves me...obviously.
The simple interactions Addi has with my littlest sisters are the closest she gets to siblings.  She loves it! She fills up with love for and from these girls.  I am thankful for them!

Summer Time

 Addi and Randall all dolled up for the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance that the Activity Day girls puts together. The girls each make a plate of refreshments, it may seem old-fashioned but I love it.
 Just in case practice every day was not enough time at the pool I taught a few swim lessons this summer.
It was a crazy fun time and I was able to get a nice tan even with 70 SPF (I am a granny) sunscreen.

 Addi's Cousin Ashley came out with the Grandparents for a visit.
They had a great time together and Ashley was introduced to the excitement of a big 2-day swim meet. (Exciting meaning very long and lots of kids swimming back and forth across the pool)
 Every month we load up a van (or two) of sisters and head down to the Columbia, SC temple.  I go with the sisters nearly every month and I love it.  I really like getting to know these ladies, they have all had remarkable lives and I am humbled to know them.  They inspire me to improve!