Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To my Mom

I know this is late but we just arrived back in town a few days ago from a fun filled trip to U-to the-tah (which I will be blogging about soon).

But I didn't want to miss an opportunity to tell the world the top ten things I love about the most incredible mother ever!

10. She still does back flips on the trampoline at age 48
9. Her funny childhood stories (goober peas, horses, dancing)
8. The competitive nature that erupts at the meets and games of her children "WHAT'S UP NOW DANNY BATES?!!!"
7. Her teen-age journals... hilarious and inspiring.
6. She never gives up on anyone, even when she wants to.
5. Her unblinking courage in the face of adversity.
4. Her example of reliance and confidence in the spirit and his promptings.
3. Her ability to detect and nurture the talents in her children.
2. Her determination to do whatever God wants her to do...no matter how hard.
1. Her unfailing determination to prove that CHARITY NEVER FAILETH!

I love you Mom.