Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anyone Home?

To my faithful readers (if any):

You may be wondering why I have fallen off the blog map. This is because we moved this week and it has been a little crazy getting settled. I'll blog all about everything as soon as I can but I will say this; I never realized how much moving is like having a baby. You're going along just fine then BAM overnight you feel handicapped you can't do anything, (because you can't find anything) people are feeding you, which of course is great but you just want to get yourself back in a normal routine...I'm so there.


RYAN said...

hahahahaha! i have been wondering where you went, i thought you were probably adjusting to having theo. i totally forgot that involved moving.
post some pics of your new pad.
i will have to send you some of our favorite flowers as a house warming gift! (truthfully, they are me second fave)
also i have a job for you, so let me now when you get settled. it involves you sewing a little something for me.
good luck with everything.
from rhi NOT ryan

Meg said...

Good luck. May normalcy soon find you.