Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gone Fishin'

We often walk around the Fellsmere Park/Pond just down the street from our house and we see people fishing all the time.
I think this is where Addi first got the idea that she wanted to go fishing.
So with a decorative candy cane, tape, thread, a paperclip and string cheese we were in business.

Addi waiting for a bite.

We found the "hot spot" by the bridge the fish were really biting!
(please ignore the "frog squat")

We didn't have real hooks so the fish would come and eat the cheese off the end of of the paper clip.
You could feel the fish nibbling the cheese so that was exciting.

Addi brought exam gloves in case we caught one.
They came in handy for re-cheeseing the then slimy "hooks"

We had a great time and now all she wants to do is fish.
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Rhiannon said...

awe! that is so cute! you are so creative!

kristopher kleinman said...

did you catch anything?

RYAN said...

hahahaha that is so funny i was just talking to rhi today about starting to pick up fishing as a hobby.. love the story, ove the pictures!! we need a photographer to follow us around like that.

megan said...

Hey, when can we come? Landon would LOVE it!