Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Forgotten

These are pictures of Addi that I have that, for one reason or another haven't made it on the blog but I thought they were too cute to overlook.

Addi is REALLY into playing house these days. She is the mom and I am the sister and she will create scenarios for us to act out.
It is a lucky day for me when I get a break and one of her dolls is in need of care.

She thinks she is just hilarious when she walks around inside her tunnel.
It is also very handy for hiding in and scaring unsuspecting (choreographed) passers-by

Addi did not get my "not crazy about chocolate" gene. She will eat it in any form, here she is licking the spoon after helping with a batch of brownies

Addi loves "serious buisiness" in all it's forms. Whether playing office, "having a meeting" (talking very importantly about an important subject aka: what to be for Halloween), cleaning, or fixing (as shown) she is a no nonsense grown-up and should be treated as such.
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Rhiannon said...

you have the BEST pictures!!! i love that one of her taking care of her baby with curlers in her hair! it's to die for!