Wednesday, September 24, 2008

P to the POAG

We went camping this last weekend at Ponkapoag with a bunch of friends.
We are not campers but this is our second camping trip this summer and I think
we're getting better at it...if not warming up to it!

Addi and Hazel gathering kindling, in one of their harmonious moments.
We have decided that Addi and Hazel like to fight, it's part of their friendship,
they find the tiniest things to fight about just so they can have an argument.
We are trying to encourage them to be friendlier friends....we'll see how it goes.


Randall and Charlie manning the fire.
Charlie is Randall's little buddy, I think Randall likes it to have
a little manly companionship.

Off to gather sticks.
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megan said...

Who is this amazing photographer? Great photo shoot of Addi. Amazing fire shots. I'm so glad you are officially a camper. I mean, 2 times in one summer? Sheesh!

Martin Family said...

Angie, I just watched your video about your French tour... I just want you to know, I think you're great!