Friday, September 26, 2008

A Song to Brighten Your Day

This guy is pretty sweet. I stole this from my friend Megan's blog I thought it was so cool. She said I'd listen to at least 3 more of his songs on youtube and I did. Listen to the whole song, it's great.


Meg said...

Hee hee! I actually posted this specifically thinking of you. I knew in my heart that you would love it. Chris listens to him sing "Part of Your World" more often than any straight, indie music loving male should. He just can't get over it. Did you hear the Mariah Carey/Boys2Men one? Ninth grade night dance anyone?
Glad you liked it.
PS I love your blog. NOT BORING. COOOOOL!
Don't you love Angry Chicken? I think about her constantly. Like: should I make my own yogurt? Maybe I could go 3 months without buying anything from a box (no crackers, pasta, cereal) and make it all from scratch. Does homemade deodorant work? I think she is amazing.

kristopher kleinman said...

that was like watching an animal be tortured.

Rhiannon said...

that is sooo crazy! i can't believe that is real!