Thursday, October 9, 2008

Joy School Goes Field Trippin'

"Field Trip Friday" is something we're doing this year with Joy School (and anyone who wants to join us of course)
this is only our second week but the kids...and parents I think are liking it a lot.
It gives them a chance to have some laid-back fun outside of "free-play time"
I am excited that so far Randall has been able to re-arrange his schedule (studying at 5am) so that he can come with me and wrangle Theo, who's interests are basically the opposite of 4 year old girls'. So the boys do their thing and we do ours.


Contemplating the apple.


"Hey you guys! I got a good one!"
We could not hang around so many cool trees without climbing a few.


Smell the clover

Not too close!

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Rhiannon said...

that coat is sooo cute! did you make it? i would have to say ryan is to blame for the straw smoking. he is a BAD influence! why does he like to do that so much? he really needs a patch or something to stop that.
p.s. he says he learned it from you.

megan said...

I gotta get in on these field trips. Although, Landon would be hangin' with the guys I'm sure.

kristopher kleinman said...

that is pretty funny! Ryan is a smoker threw and threw. i could see ryan as some big phat cat smokin cigars... those are some fun adventures you guys have