Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Walk

It was a beautiful day today so we thought we'd go for a walk in a local reserve.
When we got there I pointed out the trail but Addi insisted that we just climb straight through the's more sporting that way.

Addi the 'explorer' hacking her way through the brush.

The reward, a clear pond and beautiful trees in their fall clothes.

We came upon a small unexpected stream that was very fun leap over to safety.
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Meg said...

Aha! Addi and Lily have matchy pants! I love it. I am going to get her to wear them on our Sunday walk in a few minutes. Beautiful pics as always. Love the footsies.

Rhiannon said...

wow! it's like christmas all these new posts at once. i love it! it looks so pretty there. i really want to come & visit one of these falls.

Ryan and Jess said...

Sunday walks are my favorite! It looks like a gorgeous walk as well! I'm super excited for you to be able to play with your mom. She IS the best. We miss you over in our neck of the woods.