Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photo Tag

My friend Megan did a universal photo tag where you are supposed to pick up your camera right then and change (clean) nothing and take the following pictures:
(I of course read the tag after a long day of Joy School and dance class, as you will see the kitchen did not survive the two cooking projects plus lunch for Joy School, and the two batches of fudge)
Your Kitchen
(I swear it is not usually like this, my mother would be so ashamed)

Something in your house that is red
(an ash bucket too cute for ashes)

The view from your front door.

Some place outside you can walk to (NOT DRIVE!!)
(this is just the back yard but after living in apartments for so long it feels like our own private resort)

A meal you had today
(crusty eggs...for dinner)
No one who is reading this could possibly be in a sadder condition, so you better do it and leave a comment so we can all see your sweet pics.


Meg said...

Your kitchen does not even look bad. I love your style. you are such a good photographer AND you are the only one who completed the task. HOW DID YOU POST MORE THAN 4 PICTURES IN ONE POST? Please tell me.