Sunday, February 8, 2009

Magic with a BANG!

So this video is really long and it is very much like a hokey family home video because it IS a hokey family home video but if you can just make it to the middle you might get a surprise.


Meg said...

I love it so much. Very magical. I really don't know how you did the last one! Real Magic I guess. Addi is so cute.

Dahl House said...

I love that when the balloon did pop that you were the only one who reacted, hahaha and that Addi laughs at you....hahaha!! too much too much, Ben and I were rolling with laughter!! I think Addi found her niche in life. Oh and my favorite, I can't believe I almost forgot! Everything in the magic show is "just an ordinary.." kills me, kills me, kills me!!

Rhiannon said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That actually scared me too when the balloon popped! You two are the BEST parents ever! You deserve gold medals!