Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break

Unfortunately our Spring Break was not as springy as I'd hoped but we still had fun. It all started on the day a huge snow storm blew into the Northeast.

Here they are de-icing our plane that left at 6:00pm carrying the 11:00am flight. (ours was the 5:20pm flight but we jumped on this one and it is a good thing, we may not have made it out if we hadn't)

I didn't worry about bringing my camera to EVERY SINGLE PLACE this time so while it was a little more relaxed and tons of fun I don't have many pictures to prove it.

Our first day there we went to the Draper Temple Open House. We had 6 girls under 6 in tow and it was an adventure. Randall was in charge of Gabi (the runner) covering her eyes.

Addi and Gabi with their "dino-est" faces at the Dinosaur Museum.

Grandma and Addi looking at an exhibit.

Addi wanted to be with Grandma every second....me too, she has a pretty cool Grandma.

Savannah, Addi, Gabi and Veronica (with her head turned) playing in the sand and water erosion exhibit.

Addi did not want to look at me, you may notice this theme throughout.

My mom took this, possibly the 4th picture we have of just us since Addi.

Gracie, Addi and Savanna posing together. I made Gracie and Savannah's skirts and my friend Meg made Addi's...it's hard to see in this picture but she puts me to shame.

More Addi, Granny bonding.

The are the girls brave enough to stare right down the throat of a gigantic shark...where is Addi? please refer to previous picture.

And finally the "dig" we brought our own digging tools to dig up the dino bones instead of the dinky brushes they give you there. We're not sure if it's against the rules but they sure stay in there longer. There were only a few times we had to man-handle some boys trying to take their shovels away.

And here they all are for a post-museum swim to get the sand out...it looks like there's room for one more in the corner there.

Jacob has been coveting the frozen turkey's in the freezer for some time and my Mom kept telling him that when we came we'd have a Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is Addi helping my mom peel potatoes...I have to confess that Randall took this picture while Ashley and I were fabric shopping...and not for the first time.

Pilgrims and Indians

(including the 3 girls that my mom watches)

Later that night was my sister, Ashley's B-ball game.

She has never played before, she swam for BYU before she started having babies, but she is very athletic and gives the game a little flail...if not flair.

There she is number 33 and I don't know how she got her legs into that position but I'm sure it takes a LOT of coordination.

Here she is again, now I don't know if you can see her but she is the one facing away from the ball but throwing her arm in a backstroke motion...I'm not sure what's going on here but it sure looks complex.

There's the all-star!

Cheering Section

Tired of cheering she goes back to her favorite spot.
Not pictured:
My Mother-in-law's organ recital at Temple Square (my battery died)
Big Family FHE and pot-luck
Late nights with Ryan and Rhi
Swimming at the Legacy Center (everyone was IN the pool)
Cafe Rio with my friend Meg and her family
Lots of shopping!


Meg said...

Love the pictures. Ashley does look like a natural! I am glad that Addi likes her skirt. Lily has slept with her doll every night and I have already washed her skirt twice. I am glad that you got to buy some new fabric, I can't wait to see what you do with it next!
I am glad that you guys are back safe and sound. It was really great to see you.

Dahl House said...

I can't believe how un-coordinated I look!! hahaha at least there is a smile on my face and we are all having fun! I can't wait for you to come again, it's just not the same without you here! we miss you so much and Gabi can't stop threatning "whoopings" on everyone (thanks randall).
p.s. im working on those pics in the morning...I promise this time!

Nicole said...

Hey, we are headed to Utah on Friday....I missed you? You were really there? Perhaps you should now take a side trip to Kansas!!

Rhiannon said...

Wow! You got some great pics! I'm sorry we couldn't be in on more of the kid fun :) Well not really, but I DO wish that you guys would've been here longer, so we could've done some things with you guys. It was good to see you none the less.

Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

It looks like you guys had a great Spring Break...I'm glad you made it with the storm! Josh and I are going back to Utah in May, we will have to go and check out the Draper Temple. Your little girl is so cute, I love all of the pictures.