Sunday, April 5, 2009

Petting my own Peeve

One of my biggest blog pet peeves is gushing...spouse, child or otherwise it kind of makes me throw up in my mouth. But after today I will no longer be able to be too judgemental about gushers because...hold on to your hat...I'm about to gush.

Addi sat through 4 sessions (that's 8 hours folks) of conference this weekend, I don't know what happened there was of course coloring, eating, painting and book looking involved but seriously I was NOT expecting this of a 4 year old....if I only get one I sure got a good one.

...........................I am not entirely unconvinced that we just caught her on a good weekend.


Meg said...

GO Addi, go, go, go Addi! Woohoo!

Rhiannon said...

Congrats Addi! That is unheard of! By they way, I am glad that you 'gushed" about that!

Eric said...

Go Addi.

It's amazing that child can change your perspective on a pet peeve.

Does that mean you will not consider gushing one of your a pet peeve anymore?

Angela said...

Yeah Addie!

That is amazing, my 6 year old still can't do it!

Ashley said...

Go Addi! We don't even attempt conference until after they're asleep. Good on ya!