Sunday, April 5, 2009

Playing with Intent

Addi is just like every child in the universe, she loves to play but as she is getting older she does not merely want to play for the sake of playing there must be an objective.
For example, this may look like Addi and her bff Haz on the swings, but in their mind they are princesses escaping a witch...

Here she has joined forces with the boys to rid the world of 'bad guys' by spying on them and shooting them.

Sniper Addi has a bad guy in her scope.

While this may sound amusing I assure you it is NOT. We must be pretending and plotting all the time. Luckily I am ususally the Mom in the land of pretend and I do go about my regular activities but I am being cued constantly about my dialoge, here is a sample...
"Mom you ask me how old I am and I will say 7 and you will be surprised and I will tell you that I can also tie my shoe and that I have a baby sister that I am in charge of and I live on the street and you say I can live with you and you make me dinner and then we put the baby to bed and I get to stay up because I am the big sister and the baby cries but you tell her that when she is older like her big sister (usually named Sally) then she can stay up....
.....and on it goes with no punctuation at all and if I get tired and stop using convincing voice inflection she'll call me on it....she just needs the drama.
Story Book Tent
It was very rainy on Friday so we set up a tent to read stories, at first it was picture books because we had Theo there but when he went down for his nap we pulled out one of my FAVORITE books....
Junie B.'s a series actually but I think it is totally hilarious.

Addi rarely requests books without pictures but she really enjoyed this one and her favorite part?


A Mom and Dad kiss in the book and she giggled uncontrollably and had me read that part over a few times and the next morning I woke up to her shaking me with the book in her hand asking me if I could read the part about the BIG SMOOCHIE KISS.

See, I told you she loves the drama.


Rhiannon said...

Hahahaha! That is so funny! I love that. She really is a Kleinman though & through.