Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joy School Graduation

Oh the Joy School. This is Addi's second year of Joy School and let me tell that it's done all that stands out are the good things...and if I could think of one I'd mention it.
I'm kidding of course, I am really glad that we did Joy School, it gave us an opportunity to talk about and experience in depth about things that I wouldn't think of emphasising on my own. For example uniqueness, Addi really got the joy of being unique, so much so that she changed her favorite color from pink to green. And also understanding that everyone is good at different things (we constantly review this because she wants to be the best at everything).
Trust, honesty, identity, creativity...all "Joys" that are so important to understand at this age that with out this awesome program I probably wouldn't have taught as well.
I will admit that it was a lot of work and by the end I was definitely counting down the days but I'm so glad that Addi and I had this fun and worthwhile experience together. In my life I try to put most of my energy into things that "you take with you" (after you die) and all of these Joys and experiences will be with her...and me forever as we make them apart of our lives and character.
Graduating class of 2009

Addi, accepting her diploma from "Miss Saydi"
(Just a shout-out to Miss Saydi, she was the one who got all the mom's organized and kept us going...not an easy task. She is also the one behind our awesome family pictures...just one of her many talents)

The Graduates

Joy School ROCKS!!!


Meg said...

Great post. GREAT shots. What a cutie, and good job for sticking it out to the end. Nothing like a pink tassel (if there is no green) to signify the culminating event. Good job Addi (and mom).

Angela said...

Good Job Addi! I love the song! You are all so cute! You have one awesome mommy too!