Sunday, May 3, 2009

Play Date

Addi is a very social little gal and she's a little sad that she's an only child so far. I am too for a lot of reasons and one big one is that she wants to have play dates every day. If we were in Utah and the kids were across the street or next door it would be one thing but out here you have to schedule time with both mothers and it takes a good 20-30 min. to get there....not so simple
Anyway, she was excited that this week we had a biking play date with her new friend E.

E lives next to a really cool biking trail that ends at a park.

Taking a snack break

Biking to and from the park we all went back to E's house for lunch and dress-ups.
Needless to say Addi slept long and hard after such a great day and her 1/3 mile ride.