Friday, May 22, 2009

poise and grace

Having long limbs is great and terrible. There are few shelves I can not reach (I am very popular at the grocery store with the little old ladies trying to get the fiber cereal they keep on the top shelf), but long sleeve shirts are never long enough, and the only pants I find that are long enough cost big bucks. Hiding weight gain is much easier when there is a lot of area to spread it around. I can reach almost anywhere in the car while still driving. But sometimes those limbs just get tangled....
Like they did the other day when I was hippity-hopping down the front steps on my way out for a jog (I like how I put that in as if I do it all the time) and one foot got tangled with the other and...the rest is history.
(this picture is a re-enactment, luckily there was no one around for the actual event)
The actual wounds aren't much to see but I'm telling you, that concrete is not forgiving on the wonder I didn't win the Highland Jr. Miss Pageant


ellen said...

We call that "taking a dixie". Glad you didn't break any of those long limbs.

Rhiannon said...

hahahahaha! I am so glad we (sort of) got to see that! I love your grin as you are falling down the stairs. Is that also a re-inactment?\
P.S. You MUST be so proud of your graduates!

Janet said...

I'm sorry you fell...but that picture of you sprawled out is hysterical!!!

Annette said...

You're funny! I can't believe you reenacted it.

I am just a touch more than five foot. My limbs are short. Weight hangs on them. And my butt, and the big gut too.

And I'm not graceful.

At least you didn't break or sprain anything. :)