Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wild Flower Frock

My BFF and swap buddy sent this cute pillowcase dress with a pack of wildflower seeds for Addi.
The flowers were planted immediately upon delivery and they are doing nicely, thanks to Addi's attention and our moist climate.

Here she is one morning tending her flowers

(my friend made the gloves too!!!)

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Rhiannon said...

Cute pictures! & cute dress, I have seen those before, what a good idea!

Meg said...

Cute girl. I am glad it fits. Thanks for the pics

Grosgrain has a tutorial for a tutu right now that is basically EXACTLY like the one you posted a long, long time ago. Just thought you ought to feel cool about yourself that yours is actually easier to follow. Go you!
And you did it first.

Dahl House said...

Addi is so stylish! Not only her clothes but she can just wear things so fabulous! The walk, the smile. Too Cute Addi!