Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School Quilt

This is one of the reasons I've been in RI so much. I've been using Julie's quilting table to machine quilt this:
It's hard to see but there are cute little Dick & Jane scenes every other row.
This is my first attempt at doing something fancy on the back. These are just some scraps I appliqued. Also don't look to closely at the stitching it's a little was my first attempt and you can't really tell from far with all my creations....better from a distance.


Sweeney Household said...

Love, love, love the quilt.

Sweeney Household said...

unrelated comment (obnoxious people like me make random comments like this):

1. Randall's talk about his mission to France today in primary was awesome. The kids were listening intently and got so excited. He is my brother re-incarnate, so I was also listening intently. He needs to take you to France. :)

2. I was all choked up during our primary practice today. My Conor loves you & we both wish we could keep you forever. I'm pretty sure Megan is a big fan too.

Angela said...

So cute! Great job! You always create such cute things.

megan said...

It's awesome!!! Great job dude! AND...AMAZING pictures. Love, love, love them. AND...we love and miss you.

lucky stables said...

that turned out really good. remember i help a tiny bit :D

lucky stables said...

that turned out really cute and awesome!!! remember i helped a tiny bit :D

lucky stables said...

that turned out really cute and awesome!!! remember i helped a tiny bit :D

Dahl House said...

I think Amy must have helped out a tiny bit.

Meg said...

I am amazed and stunned, as usual. You are so great at everything and I LOVE it. Etsy anyone? Seriously when are you going to just face the facts and be famous. It is about time the world got a piece of Beaver Bites (your new Etsy shop). They deserve it.

do I send your Aug. swap to Boston or hang tight? I seem to remember you said you were moving this month am I way off?

Also: my security word for this post is chemez.

chemez: a less popular version of the very popular candy dispenser, pez. Chemez dispenses sodium hydroxide tablets.