Saturday, September 12, 2009

After swimming it was my turn to shower and change while Randall watched my sister (7) and Addi by the pool. I grabbed my bag and towel and ran into the locker room. I set my bag on the bench and hurried into a shower stall. I closed the door flung my towel over the side and started to rinse off. I took off my suit, rinsed, squeezed flung it over the side of the stall as well. I started hearing voices as I was finishing my rinse cycle and when I turned off the water I was astonished to realize that the voices were NOT FEMALE!!!!!!

There I was in the MEN's locker room stark naked and TRAPPED! I waited a while until the conversation ended and the footsteps died down. I wrapped my towel (that was HUGE, thank heaven) around me and grabbed my suit. I was hoping to snag my bag and dart out with no one noticing.....unfortunately it wasn't to be. Just as I came out of the shower stall there was a man standing right next to my bag with a towel around his waist. He looked at me with a dumbfounded look and lost his towel. I then clamped my eyes shut, grabbed my bag, and whilst shuffling as fast as my wet feet would carry me yelled out "I think I'm in the wrong place... SORRY!!"

My new most embarassing moment.

I couldn't think of a glib title post... "Wrong Place...At Any Time" was the best I could do maybe you could come up with something better?


Ashley said...

I can't breathe right now I'm laughing so hard and picturing this happening to YOU is so funny!!!

Why did the guy lose his towel?

SLP said...

I have a complete visual picture - dying of laughter here.
Missing you,

Meg said...

So funny. SO FUNNY!

Separate Butt Equal

megan said...

NO WAY!!!! I can not believe this is a real story. And that it happened to you! I am laughing so hard and will re-read this many times today so I can keep laughing!!!

Julie said...

Claaaaasic Anji.
Awesome, seriously awesome.

The Hardys said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is SO funny, that is such a perfect story I can't believe it happened!! We all have those rare precious moments that happen to us sometime in our life! haha (it was so good to see you guys when you were here!!)

ellen said...

What about "Drop Drill"?

Elisabeth said...

Something that funny could only happen to you Angi! So is everything worked out with the apt? Have you moved in yet? I'm so sorry you had to go through that, thank goodness for the church and that sweet lady!
We miss you here in the waaard and I hope you like it there when you finally get settled!