Monday, September 21, 2009

Homeless in Seattle

We left Boston with a plan, excitement and a condo waiting for us in Seattle. Then somewhere between the Amish families we saw eating Happy Meals at an Indiana truck stop and playing pioneer games in Nauvoo we got the word that our condo had been sold and would not be rented to us.

We pushed onward and westward and tried to find another apartment online. It didn't go as well as we'd hoped and we arrived in Seattle with no apartment. After a day or two we found a place but it wasn't ready and it won't be ready for another week. We woke up nearly every morning not sure where we'd sleep that night (usually a stinky motel). And spent a few days in the park with the other homeless people and basically living out of the car.

Then came Adele...sweet Adele a wonderful TALL widow who opened her home to us and is letting us stay with her until our apartment is ready (7 days and counting!). I just love her, she reminds me of my own hair and all!
Seriously! what do people do when they don't have a bishop to call when they're in a jam.
(More coast to coast adventure posts to come...)


DangAndBlast! said...

oooh that's frustrating. They've got a word for that in England -- it's called being "gazumped." My parents, years ago, signed papers on a house there, and while on their way to move in, heard that someone else had made a better offer and the house was gone. Thankfully, it was a business move, so the company paid for us to be in a little rental for the time it took to get a flat somewhere... frustrating, though. Hope everything settles down for you soon!

ellen said...

God bless Adele! I bet you'll be friends forever! Pretty soon you'll get settled in and you'll be sewing in Seattle, schooling in Seattle, and loving Seattle!

SLP said...

I've been waiting with BAITED BREATH for an update. The suspense is KILLING ME PEOPLE!
I am hoping your first few weeks don't dampen your love Seattle.

M, S + k said...

WOW...what an update! We hope things start to smooth out, we miss you guys!

Dahl House said...

No room in the INN!