Friday, October 23, 2009

Lake Forest Park Preschool

I can not be accused of being a totally on the ball parent but I am so glad we were prepared this time.
Before we left Boston we had Addi's preschool arrangements made. The first day we arrived we took her straight to the school. I think this has really helped her transition, meeting new friends on the first day. While the "curriculum" is not very rigorous I'm happy with the school. I can supplement education at home but this social girl LOVES friends and interaction. And since there are no brothers and sisters at home she really enjoys being with children her age.
Also, this is a cooperative preschool so the parents are very involved. In fact we are actually enrolled in a local college and get credit for it. So technically the mothers are the teachers.
I'm teaching my first music class here on Monday...they won't know what hit them!!!


Ashley said...

Addi you are so dang cute! We miss you so much!

Meg said...

I love the idea of cooperative preschool tell me more about it.

froci: plural for frock. As in that was only one of her very adorable party froci.