Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

My trusty old ironing board was looking quite sad. Dingy and full of holes she needed a new gown. So here's how it went:
I snipped the ties and laid the cover out flat over my fabric and used it as a pattern.

Once it was cut out I took one of the greatest inventions known to man FOE!! (fold over elastic) and went around the perimeter with it.
I used that 3 stitch zig zag setting...I don't know the technical term but on my machine it's the "D" setting. There's a GREAT tutorial if you aren't familiar with how to use FOE.

So it came out looking like a bunchy crescent roll

But then you slip it on just like a fitted sheet and TA DA!!
You can whip it on and off to launder and "it ain't no big thang"
DISCLAIMER: The fit isn't perfect, it could have been a little tighter...maybe if I would have pulled my FOE a little tighter? Anyway I just took 3 small safety pins and tightened up the corners and it works like a dream.


Ashley said...

wow wow! you can fix anythang!

Melissa said...

So cute. I just made one too, but it was a little tight, it didn't turn out as good as yours. Looks great!

Rhiannon said...

Beautiful!!! You are so handy! I think I will just send all my stuff to you that is in need of a repair ;)

Nicole said...

Dear Seamstress Sally,
OK, how in the world did you know that the ironing-board cover tutorial is exactly the thing I need in my realm. LOVE IT!

An adendum, where do I find FOE? I suppose it is with all the other "notions" at the fabric store...does Walmart carry it?

Do you suppose I could use the FOE for the fleece pj pants?

Sincerely, Helpless Hetty

Amy said...

Wow, you should do more step by steps in the future. Fun stuff!

Natalie said...

Dear Seamstress Sally,

Are you for hire? Because I guess you're NOT supposed to iron directly on the metal part??

Woeful Willemina