Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We celebrated Christmas Eve with our good friends and made a day of it.

The girls played with our newest and unbreakable Nativity set while the parents talked and prepared food.
Then, everyone dressed up in their costumes for our Jerusalem Dinner (a tradition blatantly stolen from my good friend Saydi)
The food was awesome! We tried to keep it traditional with fattoush, lentil stew, cumin chicken, humus, and flat bread.

Then, after dinner we re-enacted Luke 2...of course.
That's when the carol singing the end it was quite a show!
After a quick drive to a crazy light display we all went to our homes to prepare for Santa.

We got in our cozy-matchy-jammies...
and set out snacks for Santa and Rudolph.
Santa heard that Addi had to leave her dollhouse in Boston so he put one of his best elves to work making a doll-mat where she could use all her dollhouse furniture and it doesn't take up too much space!
Addi is a deliberate un-wrapper, a trait she inherited from her mother who was teased for
that same quality. She also loves to color...just like her Mom.


Rhiannon said...

Fun! I want to have a Jerusalem dinner! That is such a good idea!

Ashley said...

Santa's got a creative mind with his doll house! I may have try and copy the elves design, I love it!!

The Hardys said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas!! I love the doll matt, if we ever have a girl I might have to make her one of those!

Melissa said...

Hey friend! Love the doll mat idea. They may be a next project...