Monday, January 4, 2010

Bear Den

Anyone who has talked to me in the last couple months is sure to have heard of "The Bear Den." As part of my "job" at Addi's pre-school I make up the "dramatic play" room in a theme.
My first theme was Bear Den.
Here's the fishing game. We have cloth fish with magnets in their eyes and magnet fishing poles.

Here is the actual den made of card board boxes and cushions. I happen to love the bear family portraits.

On one bulletin board I have a Bear Wall of Fame. Complete with Pooh, Paddingtion, Corduroy, Smokey and the Berenstain Bears.

On another, a feel good bear diet (minus cute cuddly animals such as seals, rabbits etc.)

Then I made a game where you match the bear to it's habitat.

You use Velcro to move the bears around.

I have a board with the 8 species of bears.

And I made a little camp site in the corner.

So here's the full effect. The little red tote is full of bear themed books.
(Stay tuned for the Post Office and Fix-it Shop coming up soon)


Meg said...

WOW!! Okay, we have to live closer to each other. I would love to preschool with you! You are amazing. I want to go there. My fav is the bear hall of fame.

vingst: Not being able to find the perfect old-fashioned shoes within my price range. Vintage-angst.

Ashley said...

HOLY MACKRELL!! I can't believe you, you always exceed my expectations of even you. I try to imagine the greatest bear den and then you put it all together and it still loos better than my imagination! Wow wow

Rhiannon said...

So cute!!! I hope when Maeva is of age you can be her preschool teacher too ;) We will just fly her out to you everyday on our private jet!

megan said...

Seriously! Who the? Why can't I ever be as cool as Angi Wood? And, the Seattle photos rock!

Beauty Castle Shopping World (Malaysia) said...
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Marni said...

i cant even handle how freaking cute that is. Your creativity is AMAZING!!! It makes me want to just stop trying completly due to my futile efforts!! Addi is so dang LUCKY to have you!!!!!

Sherene said...

Your amazing Angi! K still talks about you, still making lasting impressions wherever you go!

Nicole said...

You clever little devil. Not that you're a devil, but that you are just so clever. Addi's preschool is sure to love you.....she of course knows she has the most rad madre on the block.

SLP said...

Seriously - I hope they give you a bonus for your creativity - that is aweseome!