Monday, February 1, 2010

The Crab Pot Party

A MUST VISIT when you're here in Seattle.
We came here with our friends for Addi's little best friend's birthday...good times.
The bibs were not only functional but stunningly flattering.

Here's Addi and the birthday girl with their bibs and tools.

That's right ladies...he's taken.

So here's how it goes down. The table is covered in paper and they just dump pots of freshly steamed seafood all over the table and you just dig in...this is my kind of eating!

After our feast we headed to the YMCA for a swim.
There are NO swimming suit pictures for a reason.
While everyone was getting dressed after swimming Addi methodically brushed out everyone's hair.
Here we see the 'huggy-hairdo' technique. I believe I can boast the development of this procedure (at least in my own family). Where the brushee turns to face the brusher and hugs them while the brusher goes at those tangles. The brushee is then able to squeeze the brusher as's the same idea as biting on a bullet...just lovey-er.

Head #2

Even the mom's got a complimentary style.

Hair dryers.

On our way to cake and ice cream.
Happy Birthday K!
Thanks for a great party!


Rhiannon said...

i love the mega posts! it's like christmas! the dressing room pics are my fave!

The Hardys said...

I love seeing all your family's little adventures, fun restaurants parks and museums, it looks like you are loving your new home!

Sweeney Household said...

Addi is getting so big. she looks so grown-up in these cute photos. I would have LOVED that Crab Pot party! Fun to catch up on your blog. we miss miss miss miss you guys.