Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whacha been doing?

Not Blogging.

One of the two things I love about moving around so much is meeting great friends and stealing their signature recipes. (the other one is seeing cool new places...other than that moving all the time is for the birds) I had tons of recipes from great and dear friends in a big folder, they were written on post-it notes, the backs of greeting cards and over the top of a toddler's scribble page. I couldn't find certain recipes when I wanted them and I didn't have them appropriately cited. So for the last few weeks, yes weeks I've been compiling and organizing all my "loose leaf" recipes. I didn't type them because I'd still be doing it, plus I love the eclecticness of the papers and hand writing.
But I didn't stop there, I had subscriptions to Martha Stewart and Real Simple for a long time. After about the 3rd time moving all those magazines (with all those great ideas I didn't want to loose) I went through them all and tore out the pages I wanted and put them in file folders. Unfortunately not a super accessible system. So whilst on my recipe rampage I organized my "ideas" into sections (holidays, crafts, etc.) and put them in another binder.

But why stop there? I have about 25 Martha Stewart Kids magazines (they don't print this magazine anymore) and I love nearly every page so I "3-hole punched" them and put them into their own binders.

It was a mess as you can see and the downstairs neighbors probably didn't enjoy the sound of my drill at 11:30pm but boy howdy does it ever feel good to be organized!!

Now I can actually find stuff...imagine that!

(P.S. I got the binders at D.I. for .50 cents each!)

Aside from organizing I've also been reading. Seattle is the perfect cuddle up in a blanket near the fire in the evenings and read a good book type place. I feel like I never read all the classics in high school so I'm trying to read as many as possible now.

I was very proud of myself for getting through this one and I really enjoyed it by the end. If you haven't read it I can sum up the 800+ pages of seemingly mundane events and Russian names in 3 words: cheaters never prosper.

{The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society}
Not a classic but I loved it and recommend it.

Now I'm dying to go to Holland and visit the home of Corrie Ten Boom.

{Little Women}
Oldie but a goodie.


ellen said...

I've got binders! It feels good to be organized, don't it?!?

Ashley said...

Great now I have to go to the library. I want to be learned like you.

The Hardys said...

I love binders so much! We think alike, I have a binder and it's seperated into fall, winter, spring, summer and under each season it has kids crafts, holiday recipes, etc. Although your collection looks a lot bigger and better! p.s. I adore the Hiding Place