Monday, April 5, 2010

Fairy Tale Collection

I saw someone make a Princess and the Pea doll with a stack of mattresses and I thought...I can do that.
...then I got a little carried away.


Little Red Riding Hood


Princess and the Pea


Once I made one doll I just couldn't all know I like things in bulk.

They each wear a pair of bloomers.

I LOVE bloomers.

Here are all the girls lined up.
The Fairy Tale Collection.


Ashley said...

They are amazing! I love them! ETSY SHOP PLEASE! I don't know why I let myself be amazed by the things you do, everything you do is amazing, it should just be expected now ;) One day when we live by eachother, can I be your apprentice?

Rhiannon said...

Ok, those are the CUTEST dolls ever! Could you please just move in with us????

SLP said...

If I could just produce a girl...
Miss you,

Natalie said...

You do everything! I'm really proud of this cute project.

I think that now you should make a set of dolls that represent all your siblings, and give it to your mother. She (like my dear mother, me, and you) likes things in bulk, too. Isn't that part of the reason we love our moms so much?

Meg said...

Um. . .wow. WOW! WOOOOOW! Love them.

marni said...

Oh my freakin gosh! You are the freakin most amazing person ever!! You should sell these! can you make any for a boy?
PS- sorry i dont post much, but i check it out a lot!

Teeps Peeps said...

Ang--this is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen. No, I'm serious. I want a set! How on earth did you make those? Teeny tiny pieces and a sewing machine? I don't think so! You are fantastic!