Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pictures from the Camera I Never Use

My "Year-in-Review" idea.
I was flipping through my old calendar making sure I transferred all the birthdays.
I was smiling as I remembered the events that I had on my calendar.
So I decided to jot down a little story or remembrance from some of the more exciting events on the calendar and I'll keep it as a kind of journal.
(sorry for the dark picture)
Addi riding the Rooster at the Yakima Fruit Market
(not in Yakima)

One of Addi's more...original outfit combos

Funky glasses at Snapdoodle Toy Store
(possibly the best toy store in America!)


Cauliflower at Central Market

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M, S + k said...

Adi is definitely a trend-setter, just like her mama!

Mickey said...

You are an amazing mother, and I'm proud of you.

...For whatever the opinion of a crazy lady is worth....

Natalie said...

Sorry. That was me, not my husband.