Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Looong 4th Weekend

Columbia River
We went back down to Vancouver this weekend for some fun and relaxation with our friends.
Despite our dear hostess feeling quite under the weather and cooler than hoped for temperatures we ventured out for some fun.
We took the old Highway 30 along the Columbia River in Oregon for spectacular views and an amazing waterfall at the end.
Multnoma Falls.
We hiked up the small trail to the bridge you see in the middle.
It was quite fantastic.
The bridge itself was built in seems to be holding up well, thank heaven.
We couldn't get a good picture on the bridge (too many people)
So we hiked up a little farther...still no luck.
I know it looks a little ridiculous me holding that long child but I thought just our heads and the falls were going to be in the bad.

We've never been here when the skies have been so clear so I tried to get pictures of some landmarks.

Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens-minus top-
blown off (May, 18 1980)
(terribly blurry, I had a very hard time getting this one)

We did have a fancy 4th celebration.
Starting with a BBQ
And ending with awesome fireworks.
OK I did not know that Washington State allowed fireworks...
I mean the big ones
Not like flowers and fountains
(though they allow those too)
But the really big ones that actually launch into the sky and explode!
It was awesome.
Our friends are firework fanatics...apparently.
It took more than 2 hours to light them all off!
And the neighbors were doing the same thing all around us!
Sparklers Rock.

On our way home it finally warmed up.
So we hit a local Splash Pad.
Poor thing has a little weggie there.


Turbo said...
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Turbo said...
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Turbo said...
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Turbo said...

Ughhhhh. That was embarrassing. Apparently, sometimes refresh means re-post. Sorry to cause so much clutter. Have a great weekend.

Rhiannon said...

LOVE your pictures! I'm glad you guys are getting to see all the site around you.

sia n shi said...

Ang! Multnomah Falls is seriously 15 minutes from my house! My parents live in Troutdale (in case you noticed the sign off the freeway). Looks like you had a great holiday! Take care~

Meg said...

Now I really really want to go to the NW. NOW! Really, I do. HOw does next weekend sound? You up for a visit with a newborn? Sigh, if only I was up to travel with a newborn. Maybe you could just post more pics and I could pretend that I am there.

security word: disecat. To systematically take apart a deceased feline system by system in order to better understand it's anatomy.

Amy said...

That is a serious pile of fireworks! You just may have had a show similar to the one we saw in Boston!