Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Professional

I have many friends who are amazing photographers...truly professional.
I, however, am not...I don't plan to be and I don't pretend to be.
This little family just wanted a few simple pictures and I thought I could do it.
It's harder than it looks I tell you...I'm hoping they'll let me have another go, I think I could really do much better.
I think their sheer good looks saved me this time.


Meg said...

SO cute! These actually look better than some professional photos I have seen of late. Really, they are beautiful. I love the one of the 4(ish) year old girl. Stunning. You are such a gal of many talents. Seriously, I can't take a good photo to save my life. These are just beautiful.

Rhiannon said...

I think they look really good & I want you to know you are one of my favorite photogs! & I'm not just saying that!

Ashley said...

all that worrying about nothing. what angi failed to mention is she did the "family" picture with a portait lens. Not easy for anyone! Angela D. Wood P.P. (professional photographer)

Sara said...

Those were my favorites too! Thanks again for the pics! I'm getting rave reviews from everyone I've showed them too so far. I think you could start a side business... or at least become a "ward amateur photographer".

Thanks again!!!

Sara said...

errr... I mean "ward photographer"... nothing amateur about your talent!