Sunday, August 15, 2010

Practice Run

My dear friend and VTer wanted to go to Utah for a sealing.  She was recovering from a surgery and wasn't up to driving the whole way with her 3-year old in tow.  So being the good friend and charitable person I am (free trip for me!) I begged her to let me drive us all to Zion.
This was our view of the backseat for 15 hours.
The kids did really well together on the way down, this was hour 13 if you can believe it.
The way home was a different story, I think they were both tired from the week long excitement.
At one point N was beat-boxing to annoy Addi and she was whistling to annoy was quite the symphony.  I think it was good for them though, they're both only children and a little rivalry is healthy.

When we arrived it was all cousins and Grandma's all the time.

There were even a couple rain storms...they were pretty fun.
This was just a practice run for when we head to Zion on Thursday to live...for an unknown period of time.


Sara said...

Great pics! Love the one on the slide.