Sunday, May 1, 2011


We went sledding in the ravine behind my Mom's house a few months back.  
Although,as far as the weather is concerned, this could have been yesterday.
 Yes, that is an outhouse.

 Izze was nervous, so I went down with her, we slipped right off the end of the sled.
And you'll notice how careful I am with my camera.

 Addi coming down the track with one cousin and two aunts...

I have such a wonderful sister who will sit and take pictures of my tom-foolery for just as long as I like.
 These are my snow-cheerleader jumps.

I believe the technical term for this jump is a "hurkey"


Mickey said...

This post right here is a perfect example of why I love your blog so much! If I can't follow you around, I like to have plenty of pictures that show me how much fun you are at every moment.
The only thing better would be an Angi Cam Guy who would film you so I could have a constant live streaming and get my laughs and fun all day. You should have another Back Ground Music Guy who would sing music that matches the activity.
As beautiful as your hurkey is, my favorite is your Russian. Classic! Maybe you could make a post with all the out takes???

Mickey said...

Oops. That was Natalie Nelson. Sorry about that. :D (I'm not a random stalker guy, I'm an old Bridges friend, right?)

Natalie said...

Oops. Did it again. This hole is getting bigger and bigger...