Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boss of Camp

I was the Camp Director this year for the 12-18 year-old girls in my ward.
We had an amazing time, these girls are really awesome.

 I should clarify that I use the term "camp" in a very loose sense of the word.
When we arrived at the amazing cabin we stayed in, our amazing cooks had lunch prepared and set out... along with a table full of treats that stayed there for the duration.

We did tons of fun activities, here we are doing some team-building games.

This is me with my little chicks, I kept calling them chicks as I constantly counted them making sure I hadn't lost one.

 And the trust falls...oh man the trust falls.
These became a big deal.
I was so excited that I'd actually come up with an activity that the girl's had never done before.  It did make it a little scary for me when I was demonstrating.  I just hoped they'd catch on.  Of course they did.
Falling was another matter, some girls fell right back others took a minute or two and one took almost 2 hours (not an exaggeration) and didn't do it.  We were all disappointed about that. However, there was a very inspiring little story about a girl in our ward who is hearing impaired.  She was very nervous to begin with, and when she turned her back to us she couldn't hear us encouraging her and cheering her on.  After a minute or two she fell back and you could just see how excited she was that she did it.  It was cool.

We spent a day at the lake...I'm a hard working camp director as you can see.

 We played an amazing game of ultimate frisbee in the water, and started what would become a marathon game of Phase 10 (It finally wrapped up at 1:00 the next morning).
 We visited a local cave.  It was very cool with lots of interesting formations.  And a spiritual message accompanying...of course.

 The Skits were awesome.  Our "leader" skit was great, thanks to Vicki the mastermind behind it.
Here's a link to the video, you might have to turn up the volume, we were having some technical difficulties.

 Our camp was kind of all about the bracelets.
The girls got a commemorative bracelet after every activity or experience as a reminder of what they had learned.
One very amazing thing that I CAN NOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE OF is when my dear friend Saydi came and gave us an amazing devotional on the last morning.  I think her whole talk was for me, I really got a lot out of it and I'm so thankful she was able to come.  I was so excited to see her and visit for just a minute, I've really missed her.

I think it was a success.
I'm done for this year.
Hopefully I'll have moved by next was a lot of work!


bostonshumways said...

i wish I could have stayed for the whole camp. you were doing amazing things there.

Nicole said...

There is no one quite like you! Come be the room mother at our school.