Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Fourth

Addi and I made this festive cake together. 
It looks good now, save the one stray blueberry but when we ate it we piled on more's better that way.

 Addi and her Aunt Savannah who is six months older than Addi.

 Randall and Ryan manning the grill.

 One of the food tables...we had really great food and so much fun talking with everyone.

 Addi, dreaming of a toy she will never have, but loves to sit in when we visit Kris' house.
You can see the real deal in the background (sort of) and Kris takes all of these screaming crazy girls on rides around his neighborhood.  They LOVE it!
The way to a girls heart is through a four-wheeler...apparently.

 Look at all those girls!
Addi is in heaven when we all get together.

Kris has this fancy bubble machine, Addi has her shoulders weird, and then my battery died.

We had a great time none the less and shot off some of those "now legal in Utah" fireworks. 
They were awesome!


Nicole said...

I make that same cake every year. What are you making for dinner tonight? I am still stumped about that.