Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Mac--Not The Hamburger

Grandpa thought he'd try some "Big Mac" pumpkin seeds for the garden this year.
These bad boys were HUGE!!

 Here's Addi demonstrating the size of her pumpkin by comparing it with an apple.

We had to pull out the big guns to carve this thing.

 reee Reee REEE REEE!
(you know...the scary shrieking sound effect when someone is getting stabbed)

 Stand BACK!!

 This pumpkin had a surprisingly small number of seeds.

 Finished product: designed by Addi, carved by Mom for safety.

 Yes the front porch is covered in outdoor carpet because 3 year-old Randall walked across the wet porch cement in his cowboy boots.


I went a little crazy with our costumes this year, They consumed my life for almost a month.  We had a real photo shoot and I'll post those pictures when I get them but in the meantime here are a few snapshots from the family party.
Introducing Miss White Rabbit, yes that is a real clock, yes it works, yes that is the correct time.

 Yes, those shoes are covered with fur(ry stuff).

Madam Hatter.
It's hard to see my hat in this picture but it's fabulous! 
(My friend Meg and I toiled for hours on it)

 King of Hearts 
(as you see I ran out of steam for Randall's costume but he didn't mind a bit)
Madam Hatter
Miss White Rabbit...
 The other residents of Wonderland.


Meg said...

Wow. WoWOWOWOWOWOWOW! So awesome. Just perfect. The skirt turned out great. Your eyes look amazing. I cannot WAIT to see the photo shoot pics.

My favorite is Addy. She could not be more cute. Her face is so darling. I love her.

ellen said...

did you make 17 pumpkin pies?

Anonymous said...

cool! good thing you did randalls last then!