Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Parent, Bad Parent

 On mornings when Addi is especially lucky Randall will walk with her to the bus stop and wait with her until the bus comes.
She talks his ear off from the moment they step out the door until the moment she steps foot on the first stair of the bus.
 They are both pretty stoked to have these mini dates.
What a good parent.

All I want for Christmas is...
 We noticed last week that Addi's front teeth were loose.
And this close to CHRISTMAS!!!
I told her that she HAD to get them out before Christmas so she could sing the song.
She worked and worked and got one tooth out.
It's pretty much adoreable.
I told her that if she could get the other one out by Christmas I'd give her $5 on top of whatever the Tooth Fairy brings.
I know I sound sadistic making my child pluck out her own teeth for a song but

...don't judge me too harshly.
 Toothless wonder.
(plus scabbed over scratch thrown in for good measure)

Yes, I am the bad parent.


Rhiannon said...

Agreed. It's one in a lifetime.

bostonshumways said...

We miss you guys! Please move back to boston! You know you want to.

Hazel lost her two front teeth just in time for the season. she's stoked!

Ashley said...

It's torture. And I am a witness to it!