Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Angi: Apparently I am not very gracious. Randall: I could have told you that.

While browsing through my local thrift store, a nice (I'm sure) older gentleman came up to me.  When I say he came up to me, he really came up to me.  No more than 5 inches separating our noses. 

"Excuse me for speaking out of turn," he said, "but has anyone told you today how beautiful you are?"

I was taken by surprise and honestly a little creeped out so instead of kindly accepting the compliment.
"How nice of you to say so." I could have said.
 I reverted to my shameful and unflattering defense mechanism: Arrogance.

I said, "Oh, I get it all the time, I am quite beautiful."

Now I am racked with guilt.
He was probably just trying to be kind.
I repaid his efforts with sarcasm.



ellen said...

5 inches? You did the right thing.

Donna Bardsley said...

Ahhh, nothing like the awkward/creepy compliment, and in a DI I presume?

Rhiannon said...

bahahaha! That is so funny! Did he laugh?