Monday, March 19, 2012


Since returning to the Beehive State (18 months ago?!) we've been doing a lot of hanging out with the fam.
In fact, we've made a Sundee (we say it that way because we're just so funny) evening ritual of it.

 We've missed so many babies over the last few years and I'm pleased as punch to take them over on Sunday evenings.  I'm even happy to change their diapers...I know, don't spread it around.

Kristopher regails us with stories from the hospital.
That blur in a full run is Maeva.  She doesn't stop running.

Ashley...looking good.

 We have so much fun chatting and laughing.
We think we're all very funny.
You can see Ryan there on the side demonstrating a perfect frestyle stroke.


Ashley said...

hahahhaaha HOW DID I MISS THIS POST?!?!?! HILARIOUS! mybe it's just late, or maybe I think we're all funny too! I ust love Sundee's!!

Lizzy said...

i love how revan got in the action and i didnt lol...