Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saying Goodbye

  When you are far flung from family year after year and move from place to place but never 'home' it is easy to be almost indifferent to your next stop.  But after having enjoyed the benefits of being nestled within the bosom of family it is incredibly painful to leave.  The smallest distances seem far.  
In this way, the move from Utah to North Carolina seemed almost a world away.
In the weeks and months before we left we had to say goodbye to people and places that mean so much to us.
 My dear Grandmother, who I would 'help' every Thursday.  I would type things up on the computer and scan pictures, address envelopes, and listen.  I don't know how much I actually helped but this time was so precious to me.
 Addi's heart is never more full than with cousins/aunts.  She does not have the benefit of living with other children and these relationships make her so happy.  To leave these dears was hard.
 Addi and I started to develop our talents as pianists with Addi's Grandmother Wood.  We learned and progressed and found joy in making music.
 Weekly visits to the temple.
 The familiar ridges of Mount Timpanogos
 Here at the crowded, loud and crazy waffle/goodbye party at the funny farm makes you long to never be parted.
Speaking of...
 Ahhh the Funny Farm.
The 100 year-old farmhouse that my parents lived in after the "Highland House" was lost.
I can't believe how attached we all got to it.
 These gals.
 Christmas with family...nothing better.
Even when it is such a big, rowdy group with unruly adults and children.

All these girls.

Grandma Shelli swings with Addi on the swing one last time, a little thing they started when Addi was an infant.
 Saying goodbye to HAST at the short-course state meet.
We actually postponed our departure for this meet.
 Addi's two favorite coaches.
Coach Janet, presenting her the "Heart of HAST" award.
And Coach Aunt Ashley.

...and with that we say goodbye...