Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Time

 Finding snow, let alone a sledding hill in NC is a challenge!
It only took us 2 hours to drive to this mostly grassy hill, but being with friends makes everything seem like the time of your life!

On Christmas Eve Addi and I played the background music for the Stowe Botanical Gardens.  I was finally able to convince her to do some duets with me for this performance.  It is my dream to do duets with her...she isn't as keen.
 It was a great experience and we all warmed up as we kept going.  I thought the place would be full and no one would hear or notice me but it was very quiet and after each song there was tentative was a little painful.  They weren't sure whether I was supposed to blend into the background or not.  I just nodded my appreciation, red-faced and carried on my massacre of the next carol.

Christmas Morning 2014
 We started a new tradition that I absolutely love.
We give three gifts in remembrance of the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by the wisemen.
A gift that is joyful, a gift that is needful, and a gift that is meaningful.
It makes me a lot more thoughtful about what is truly needful, joyful and meaningful.
We did add a family gift and the traditional stocking if you want to get technical. 

This extra-long stocking in an actual ladies stocking has been a tradition since my Mother was a child.  It is my very favorite.
The karaoke machine was (and still is) definitely bringing joy!