Sunday, November 22, 2015

Utah, USA

 I feel more completely myself when I am surrounded by my family. 
 Addi and I have been able to go to Utah for a visit twice since moving to NC and we are hoping Randall will join us next time.
We try to have a family reunion with all the brothers and sisters that can make it.  We were a little light on people this year.
 We started coordinating our reunion with  Alpine Days.  That way the city plans and puts together all the activities and we all go together and come home to my Mom's house for meals and rests together.  It works for us.
We're headed out to the rodeo...and in about an hour we will all be drenched from the torrential downpour that opened up right over the rodeo!
 Speaking of horses, my sister has a few and trains and teaches lessons.  Addi gets a few lessons whenever we go and she LOVES it!
 Resting in the shade with my sisters Ashley and Amy (yes, we all begin with A) while the kids are playing at the carnival.
 Alpine Days carnival.
 These gals love each other and stick together.  They are resting after a full day of inflatable toys and trampolines.
 We had a fireside devotional in conjunction with our family reunion.
We talk about our pioneer ancestors and their incredible stories.  As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate their stories even more.  I think it is so important to pass on these stories of faith and courage that our children might be inspired to emulate their faithful ancestors.

 I finally got to meet this cute baby! and she loves me...obviously.
The simple interactions Addi has with my littlest sisters are the closest she gets to siblings.  She loves it! She fills up with love for and from these girls.  I am thankful for them!