Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Time

Randall had a very demanding fall semester this year, and was not home very often. Addi would wake up wondering where her Daddy was and asked about him several times throughout the day. While he was preparing for finals it was particularly hard for Addi, so Randall promised her that after his last final was done they would have two weeks full of "Daddy-Daughter Time". She was so excited! And all during the Christmas break when they were together (which was very often) she would get a big smile on her face and say we're having Daddy-Daughter time! We had a lot of fun together as a family but I think that this was the most precious moment. Addi wanted her Daddy to give her a "mani-pedi" (paint her fingernails) and Randall was not too sure of himself having never painted fingernails before but he was trying so hard to get them to look good for her. I just thought it was so sweet.
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