Friday, February 22, 2008

Miracle Idol

We have been watching American Idol lately as a family, and the other night Addi said that she wanted to pretend that she was on "Miracle Idol". So, she hopped up on stage (Randall) and started singing an original song with microphone (imaginary) in hand. At one point during the song she opened her mouth really wide and closed her eyes, just like she sees the people do on TV. When she was finished she humbly waited for her critiques. Then it was my turn and after singing a rousing version of "I am Like a Star" it was her turn to critique me. She said, "That was great, it was a little fancy but I liked the end."

Shining Star

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Meg said...

I am still laughing as I write this. I love everything about it. The 'miracle' idol right down to the 'it was a little fancy, but. . .' I love it love it love it. Still laughing. She cracks me up. You are a great story teller, by the way.
I watched AI the other day. I have YW on Wed so I missed the girls but I saw the boys. I like the youngster with the dark hair and the smile that could melt steel. Such a cutie pie.

danne said...

I love how Addi is just a little version of Momma Angi. Way to be a trooper there Randall!