Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Pool

I am giving out a king-sized candybar of your choice for the person who guesses correctly the day that Ashley has her baby. To submit a date leave a comment and I will update the list regularly. This is a first come, first served situation and only one person can be on a day. Good Luck!

May 7-Gabi & Addi
May 10-Randall
May 11-Angi
May 12-Amy
May 13-Megan N.
May 14-Justin
May 15 -Mom
May 16-Ashley H.
May 17- Ben
May 18- Dad (actual due date)
May 20- Rhiannon
May 21- Jacob
May 22-Jesse
May 23-Ashley D.
May 24-Kris
May 25-Ryan
May 27-Casey


Ashley said...

King size candy bar? I'm in. I'm guessing the 16th.

Meg said...

I would like a snickers and I guess May 13th.

Rhiannon said...

i say the 20th

RYAN said...

the 25th