Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whistling Dixie

It all started with a Joy School lesson about trying new things. The lesson said that you can try something even if you're not good at it and if you practice you could get better. Well it's true and Addi's proof. She has been wanting to learn how to whistle for a while because she hears me whistle a's an annoying habit and probably not good for wrinkles around my lips. But anyway she would try and try to do it but couldn't. Then one day I pick her up from Joy School and I hear a faint sound. Is that you whistling Addi? and sure enough it was. I asked her how she did it and looking at me like maybe I'm the one that should be going to Joy School said...I just tried mom. Since then she's been whistling almost constantly pleased to perform for friends and strangers alike. So here's a little clip of our whistler in action


Rhiannon said...

awe! she is so cute! and quite talented i might add, i'm still trying to get whistling down.

RYAN said...

that is so funny, she is so "cool" about her new whistling ability. like "it aint no hang..." ha ha