Sunday, April 27, 2008

80's Night Videos

This was the winning dance of the dance competition.

Watch the end, when I hit that little boy on the head, as I am writing this I still have a lot of pain in my neck from the collision. It doesn't look like it on the video but it hurt really bad. Luckily Garrett (the little boy) was unhurt and seemingly unphased.

Addi and Randall dancing to "Lady in Red" as you can see Addi is very dramatic.

I was recording Addi and Hazel all night, they were being so cute, unfortunately the cutest video wouldn't load for some reason but this one is OK.


Brooke said...

I am laughing out loud Angi! I hope your whip-lash is doing okay after you almost tried to kill poor Garrett with your karate chop neck move:)

Also, did you notice that in the background of that video of Addi and Randell dancing Bryan is totally grabbing Trish's tush. Awesome! At a well-lite church dance nonetheless!!!

Ashley said...

Ouch. I saw it from a different angle that night. Do you need meals? The dance was great! And I didn't even notice the ball in your shirt til I watched it on the video. Too funny.

danne said...

Angi, I watched that dance clip like 50 times in a row and it gets funnier each time! Hold on…I had to go to the bathroom due to laughing so hard! If it wasn’t for Jack Garrett would not have been were he was. I’m SO SORRY! I hope your neck and jaw are healing fast.

megan said...

Hey partna! I can see the collision way better on this video than on mine. It's sweet. How are your teeth?

RYAN said...

first of all, you are so brave to perform in front of all of your ward! i wish i had that kind of courage! and second, you should send that video to americas funniest home videos & win $10,000!!!