Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hooded Towel: How-To

I make a hooded towel for nearly every baby shower I attend. They are cute, easy, fast, and everyone loves something homemade.

All you need to start is a bath towel and a wash cloth.
To begin: Pre-wash and remove all tags.
(For an even faster project you can buy towels that are already embelished, they have cute ones at Target)
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Ali Howell said...

Hi! Of course i remember you...ah, memories of the AF fitness center are rushing back! :) It's fun to know there are other people who have ventured over to the east coast. We were just in Boston in the fall. If we venture back we will have to come say hi! and the same if you ever head down to PA! Your kids are cuties! and can i just tell you how impressed i am with all the dresses you made! My daughter would think she was in heaven!

Meg said...

I am loving the tutorials. You are a good explainer. I am going to try both of your projects. I always look for tutorials like these online. I can't believe I actually know someone who can write them! You are a genius. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and need to write you an email. Will do. Soon.