Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Collection

At long last I have finished "The Collection" I started the whole thing because last summer Addi hated wearing her clothes. When she wasn't in a swimming suit she ran around in her nighties, evidently she appreciates air flow in the hot summer months. So instead of buying shorts and t-shirts she'd never wear or buying sun dresses. I thought I'd make them, and when I got a good coupon for JoAnn's in the mail it was settled.

Please enjoy and don't look too closely there are plenty of mistakes.

One of my favorites

This looks like a tennis dress when she wears it, very cute.

For me this turned out to be a little mumu-ish with the large print.

This is hard to see in the bad light but one of my favorites.
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Meg said...

I love them all. You should open a boutique. Sleeves and everything! I am speechless. Just not comment-less. I love it so much. Oh how I want to sew well! I can't wait until pay day so I can go to the fabric store. I love the one with sleeves. Really I love all of them. amazing.